Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pillow loss is t- 1 month and counting.

Things are the hardest that they have ever been for us. I hate fighting with Nicko, especially over the smallest, most insignificant things, but it seems to be happening almost daily. The wreck has taken such an effect on our lives- not to mention our sons, my in-laws and my mother. I hate arguing. I hate having to go along with other people's schedule. I hate that my son is not home all the time. I hate not working. I hate not being able to drive. The list could go on...
I'm lucky in a lot of aspects- that's not something I've forgotten. It's just very frustrating to wake up, have to spend the day at someone else's home, and then come back home without my son.

On a positive note, I went to the doctor this morning. He was in a suprisingly good mood- though he's not the jolliest of characters anyway. My arm seems to be doing fairly well. The break where the nerve is wrapped around is beginning to fuse together. That was the one of the most concern. The other 3 breaks aren't healing very quickly, so I'm in my (ugh) pillow for another month.. but, atleast I have a date to look forward to! I hate this pillow so very much, and I'll take a month! That's better than any other numbers I have heard.

I'm just ready to get released to go back to work. (I never thought I'd say those words! haha) I don't know how long that will be though, and that thought makes things hard again. The daycare I will be employed at follows the City Schools schedule, which means that May 27th is the last day. With the timing that I've had the past couple of months, I've got a good feeling that I'll be released the week before that. The plus is that they are open three weeks in June and July- work is optional. We'll just have to see how that goes. I'm grateful they are holding a position for me. Most places would have only done that for a short amount of time. So, Thank you Sandy.

I'm off to do some activities for Earth Day. I'm stumped and everything I've found online so far is either too old or too difficult to do. I'm sure with a little determination I can find a few things though... maybe a little food will help get my creative juices flowing? Then again, I'm feeling a bit sleepy..

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