Thursday, February 11, 2010

this is why people go postal

I am so pissed off!!
It's the eleventh day of FEBRUARY. I should have recieved my w-2 form, by the very latest, eleven days ago..right? Well, you, and the IRS would think. But, not our finicial advisor..if thats what you want to call her. I have a few other choice titles. In the past she has been known to screw up random people's information, but turn it around on everyone else.
Yeah, thats how awesome she is.
 I've been emailing her trying to find out what's been going and trying to be paitient  while she's more-or-less just been beating around the bush. Today's email sent me over the deep end.

If I could have been within choking distance of this woman, I would have. I would love to put my fist not only into her face, but through it. I can not ,for the life of me , figure out why she is still employed?!

I'm sitting on the phone right now with the IRS- a wait time of "approx. 15 minutes"- to try and get something resolved.

I also called the post office today to try and track my own mail. It was amazing how totally unhelpful this woman was. Do you know that according to the Trussville post office, you can no longer get information regaurding YOUR OWN MAIL?!

I am convinced that the majority of intelligent and hard-working people got laid off and every known idiot was hired in their places. As if life didn't have enough crap in it alrteady.

I am so tired of having to deal with "people". It's only the second month of the new year and between dealing with doctors, our insurance company, her, now the IRS and possibly a lawyer I'm done. My stress level is already through the roof and I hardly ever leave the confines of mine or my in-laws home.

2010 better slack up or I'm not sure I'll be seeing the glorious-ness of 2011.

I just spent  20 some odd minutes on hold. When I finally got to talk to someone she informed me that they are allowed to have those sent out until Feb. 16th ANDDDDDDD I need to give it a week mail time.  That entire conversation lasted all of 2 minutes.
Omg. Really?
Why do we have so many cut-off's and dead-lines if you can just procrastinating? Ah!


heather said...

what a she the new person at the daycare??? i have got mine from there and sent off and were getting our return in like 14 days..i hope you get yours soon...

dana said...

no, its shellina the "financial" person for the church.