Thursday, February 18, 2010

today's adventure.

Hannah & Emma cheesin'.

Emma, Hannah and Vann. They wanted to play- he really didn't want to. :]
Hannah is his 2nd cousin. Emma's no blood-relation. (though they have been part of the family for nearly forever.)

Me and Ms. Emma. It was her idea to stick our tounges out. haha.
She thinks she is supposed to make silly faces in every picture. Goof-ball.

Nicko, Vann and Emma.

Daddy in mid "coo"

his bib tells no lies.

Vann and great pawpaw. Too sweet. ♥

I also got to watch "spongebob" the movie and "the little mermaid" both of which i got totally absorbed in. (nice play on words, huh?)  :]  I also sang, very quietly, every song in "the little mermaid".


heather said...

i would have sang them all too.. i loved that movie as a child...

dana said...

oh man, i did too!! i remember thinking how cool ariel was b/c she was 16. :] i love that movie.