Sunday, March 14, 2010

putting pieces in place.

I found this and for whatever reason I really like it.

We got some pretty cool news that "could possiably happen" today. I can't discuss it right now as it's a VERY BIG maybe, but if it happens it would be AWESOME. Not to mention beneficial in multiple ways that would last for quite awhile.
Fingers crossed it works out.

On a brighter note, Nicko and I seem to be doing a lot better. Last night we had a little bit more of an open discussion about things in general and I think he's starting to see how I felt. I know he didn't realize things before, and I really shouldn't hold it against him. It's just frustrating. But, we are ok. Communication is key, I'm just not very good about it.
I'm a work in progress. He's known this from the beginning. and thankfully, he has no intentions on giving up on me for awihle.

and with that being said I'm going to lay down and wait for him to get home.

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