Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello Again 2 income family.

I am OFFICIALLY released to go back to work.

Oh, I am overjoyed! I honestly was not expecting him to tell me this. :]
Apparently the bones are doing a wonderful job of healing. I still have to keep the brace on for another two months (that's the next appt.) BUT he said it's more or less done it's job, keeping it on is only  for "precautionary" measures.

Hopefully the director has a place to put me. I don't want to boot the woman out who took over my spot.. Even if she wants me to wait until August I am ok with that. Hopefully she puts me into a 3 year old room because that's what I really want. AND my work release has a "limited use" restriction on it which should steer me clear of the potty training rooms and below.
That's just going to have to be a "play it by ear" kind of thing though..

Now comes the hard part. Getting back on a regular schedule and balancing getting work ready and Vann ready. wow.
Those are both VERY scary thoughts.
I had been holding off on practicing that, but it looks like I'm going to have to get on the ball. I was really thinking he wouldn't release me until, at the very earliest, the end of July.. Up until today he had been dragging it out.


heather said...

yay i know yall are so happy.... are you in the same room as sandy???

dana said...

there's been some technical difficulties. :/

The director isn't ready to hire me back until she talks to the doctor to find out specificially what my restrictions are- for liabitlity reasons. I don't blame her, I was just looking forward to getting back to work.
As of right now she has no where to put me. I would just have to be a floater and that encompasses EVERY room. So, I'm not really sure what is going to happen.

ugh, everytime I think there's a break in the clouds something else has to happen.