Monday, December 20, 2010

you can get with thiiiiiiis, or you can go with that.

this whole month has been one hellacious rollercoaster. Nicko and I got into one the biggest and ugliest fights to date. Of course it was over something always is.
Thankfully we made it past.. he was the one willing to perservere. I'm so lucky to have him, but sometimes it's hard for me to understand why/how he loves me so much and is so willing to put up with my crap.
I need to bring the reins in.
The past two weeks we have done really well. Things seem to be coming back to normal and there is a concious effort on both parts to fix the things that needed fixin. (throwin' in some country grammar. haha)

Work has been pretty well too. I'm not going to lie, I was really excited about this whole 2 week break business. I've never had a job where we would get more than 1 or 2 days off because of a holiday. I absolutly adore the facility I am at. Not only is everything incrediably organized and accessible, but the teachers are great, the director and assistant are great, the parents are wonderful and completly understanding.. it's just.. wow. Everything about it just makes me swell up with pride. We had our Christmas party/Jesus Bday last Thursday and I got some of the sweetest/cutest gifts to date. The parents were all so very thoughtful. (not that i expected anything from them, i just enjoy getting gifts. haha)  My absolute favorite was my very first "best teacher" ornament. Out of all the years I have taught, i have never recieved a teaching ornament. it really touched my heart. :)  I was happy with everything I recieved though.

Speaking of CHristmas though, I haven't really been in the spirit this year. I'm enjoying it, but not really into it like i have been in years past. It's just the mindset that eh, it's coming and there's nothing i can do about it, so i might as well enjoy as much of it as i can. that sounds sad, but that's literally all the excitement i have over it. i'm hoping vann enjoys it this year, but his birthday was pretty much a clear indication for me how he feels over wrapped gifts. (when they are opened, that's a whole new story.)  i really haven't gotten him much.. not because i don't want him to have presents, but i know he's not really going to be into it and the boy has so much crap in his room already. i did end up getting him some really cute clothes from k-mart. (they had a fantastic sale two weeks ago) and friday i hit up old navy and found some freakin' adorable kicks.

They look just like these excpet green. i love them! Old navy is the shizzz.
i've only got like 3 gifts left to buy, which is super exciting.(and the only reason i am holding off is because they are online accounts that are good for a year. the longer i wait, the longer they will have access to it.) i would say i did fairly well this year. i got some killer deals on things..which was honestly just luck. i'm just ready for christmas to be over this year. and, please god, let 2011 be so much better than this year. Besides vann and my new job, this year really blew.

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