Sunday, March 6, 2011

ten maids a'milkin.

Oh Sunday.
Now that spring is on the way (or SUPPOSDLY) the weekends are starting to fly by. That's one of the many things I enjoyed about winter.. though the days are longer, the weekends seemed to last. That was nice.
It's been a pretty productive weekend though. Friday night was pretty lazy. I didn't feel super well and Nicko let me go to bed early and handle Vann. Yesterday we spent a large portion in bed. I didn't get up until 8:30 and Nicko and hour after that. At lunch time we finally decided to get moving - even though it was rainy and yucky and headed to the thrift store. It was apparently phedo-central. I swear to you there were atleast five men in their mid-late 50's wandering up and down the toy aisles oogling these children that were left to wonder by themselves. (parents drive me CRAZY!) So, Vann and I decided to be good citizens/children's protective services and 'montior' the toy aisles for as long as we could.
You could seriously feel the creepiness radiating off these old perverts.
After that we went out and had a nice meal at a mexican joint.  Me gusta mexican!
Speaking of mexican, I got to talk for an hour and a half to my bff, CJ. She's coming up Thursday for a whole week! Woooo. I can not wait. (I get to help make wedding favors. Woo!)

Which brings me to today. I've had a touch of 'super crafty' and made a cow for milking tomorrow. It's out of poster board and paint. I'll attach it to a chair and then a latex glove filled with milk on the underneath of the chair for them to "milk"  Should be entertaining.  Here it is- I'll post pictures tomorrow of when it's all attached and of course the kids enjoying it. :)

 I also made Joseph & his multi-colored coat out of felt and have all of next weeks agenda done. That means cut outs, posters, activities, supplies, etc. (Which is a big feat considering next week is "reptiles" and I printed out pictures of real ones- including snakes. The whole time I was trying to find REAL pictures I was cringing. Them things are just super creepy... ugh.)
I am a one-woman machine! haha.

Next week is when the real fun begins anyways. It's Spring Break (no school for 5 days!) and my birthday is Thursday the 17th. I can not believe I will be 27 years old.   :(
Oh well- I have a good job that I love, the start of a beautiful family and everything I need to survive happily. What else can you ask for?

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