Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday nothings.

zJust a few things happening in my brain, flowing into my ears and out of my mouth...

New music faves currently: Foster the people. I heard their song "pumped up kicks" months ago and loved it. I never caught the name of the band or song and though I tried searching for it I could never find it. I never even heard it on the radio again. For awhile I swore it was MGMT or another band that sounds similar. I heard it yesterday for the first time since the intial and found out who sang it. Needless to say, it and a few others, have been on repeat. :)
Florence still gets a lot of play time from me though. I just really dig her voice.

Yesterday Vann attened a family birthday party. I guess it would be his 2nd cousins? (Nicko's cousin's children..) anyway, he had a great time. He picked out and ate his own PINK  cupcake (only the frosting, of course). He got to swim and play with their outside play house- which apparently is the neatest thing EVER to this kid. He loved opening and closing the windows/doors.When I played peek-a-boo with him he was in hysterics. Looks like he'll be getting one of these for a holiday..

here's a few other things from this weekend.

What I'm doing today: nothing.
What Nicko's doing today: yard work. ha.

The random scores are from the card game we played last night. I'm usually the loser but last night I DOMINATED everyone. Check those scores. Yeeeeaaaahhhh boy!
The certificate is for Vann's attendance at church. Only missed 1 day in a church calendar year. :)

Sweet boy was wiped out from church. I rocked him for MAYBE two mintutes and he was out. Love this kid something fierce. :)
My current work station.. the kitchen table. I'm slowly getting things accomplished.

and that's the weekend thus far. We also took some time (5 minutes maybe) to review our name list and wouldn't you know MORE got knocked off. I think we have like 4 names on our girl list.. the boy side is still going strong but he marked off two of my favorites without so much as a second thought and no compromises can be made for them (Deacon & Brady). :(  I tried every trick in the book but he said they were 'disgusting' and 'bound to be made fun of'... ugh.

I'm looking forward to True Blood tonight. I'm just so sick of each episode being a cliff-hanger. Not that it's a new thing for them I just want to know what's going on.. I hate this week to week crap. Guess it doesn't help that when each new season comes out on DVD I have a truu-blod-athon day....

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