Wednesday, November 2, 2011

thoughtless thoughts.

The past three weeks have been hard  to handle. There have been a lot of crappy things happeneing but as bad as they are, they have been very eye opening for us.  We're lucky though, inspite of all that's going down, that the right questions were asked at the right time.
Otherwise ol' Dana would have had to have been committed. (and not in a "relationship" type of committment. More like hospital-bound.)
So, I guess despite the circumstances, I'm learning how to deal with a lot while it happens instead of dealing with the crumbling remains once all is said and done.
 (Trying to find that silver lining.)
I wish I could talk about what's going on, I'm not entirely sure I can't, but just to be safe it's better to be vague.

People amaze me. You meet all types, some for better, some for worse. And let me tell you- I feel like I've scraped the bottom of the scum bucket quite a few times.

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heather said...

hope things get better for yall...