Tuesday, January 3, 2012


..and things are back to normal. The Christmas tree & decorations are officially put away in the garage and it's time to get back into routine. :(
 The break was nice but, as usual, it is gone far too quickly. I wish I would have taken the time to do certain things, but like every other year, I wished it all away.
[when will I learn!?]
 I'm a little glad the holiday rush is over. I took it at a leasurely pace but they still came and went too quckily for me. 2011 has been a very quick year though. Our school year last year seemed to drag on and on. For whatever reason this year zipped by. I can't believe I'm halfway done with our school year!  May will be here before I know it.

In other completly un-related news I found a house I want to buy. I couldn't sleep last night (messing up my sleeping pattern on break- as usual!) so I decided to do some house hunting, even though there is no way we can buy one right now. The first website I went to had my attention autommatically with THIS beauty.  It's a little different, and definatley out of our price range, but boy would I love to have it. I can already imagine what I would do to it.
Hopefully 2012 will be a good year for us and we can really get some things we need accomplished, done. (things we should have done a long time ago, truthfully) Then I found this one and like it too. I really like the other one better, but this one has some really good ammenedities. Either one would make me a happy mama.

I also returned to work today for awhile. It was just workshops and time to work on our room so that was pleasant. I enjoy the fact they give us a day to retrurn without kids to get things, including our sanity, together. Vann went with me and played with the big kids in the playroom. There were college aged girls i there taking care of the kids and I would steal glances from the windows when I could. Vann did really well, except for crying when I left him (ah!) but it was the girls I should have been worried about. At one point I peeked in and he was wedged on the bench between 2 of them who were plopping food into his mouth! He just sat there, opened his hole when he was hungry and they would shovel it in for him. Honestly, that's probably the happiest I've ever seen him. And the girls looked just as happy! He's a booger I tell you. If I would have had my camera on me I'd have been snapping away. It was funny, but gah, he's rotten!
He's also due to start school next week. Am I fully prepared for this?! hardly. I just keep telling myself he's going to love it and will adjust in no time, which I know is true. I really think (know) he is going to THRIVE in a learning environment. it's just me who needs to get a grip.
And, oddly enough, Nicko wants to go and drop him off. I mentioned it last night very non-chanlantely, not thinking I would get much of a response, and he immediately said he would see what he could do and acted almost as if he was trying to down play it. I was surprised because I really thought he would have no interest in that. There's no guarantee he will do it (because of work) but it would be nice if he could.
and I am SO doing pictures before we leave for school that morning. Say what you will....
(I can go ahead and credit Pintrest with some wonderful "First day" photo ideas.) :D

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