Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day is an important part of my life

I'm a woman. I expect certain things-for example- my husband to acknowledge that it's valentine's day. I don't expect anything big and expensive but I do want you to get me something thoughtful. I don't care if it's $5 or $50. Backrubs are one of my favorite things and I would GLADLY accept that instead of trying to bribe one out of you every other day.
 Instead he pretends as if it's an ordinary day- he hasn't even muttered the words to me, let alone attempted to be a little nicer.

There are 5 holidays I look forward to- Vday, my bday, our anniversary, Mother's day and Xmas. And I do expect something on each of those days. I don't think it's too much to ask.
I have enough respect and love for you to honor xmas, your bday, fathers day, our anniversary and valentines, so why shouldn't i expect you to do the same? And let it be known that i do not wait until the night before or the day of!

Three valentine's ago, our first one, he brought me home a kitten (which ended up running away), a ring and tickets to see Everclear. Since that one and only it's been nada. (we were dating at the time and maybe it was to make a good impression?) I guess it was supposed to hold me over for the rest of our life together?!

BTW- I forgot to mention that I did get candy from his family and my sister in law's bf got me some roses. (he got all the women some roses- it sounded kind of odd if I didn't clarify. haha.)

I'm just a little upset over it, but of course he doesn't understand. I "just kill him"- is what he says.

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