Saturday, February 13, 2010

i miss school.

I miss being able to teach. I'm thankful that Sandy, my co-teacher and current life-saver, is letting me plan all the themes and activities while I am on leave. If I couldn't atleast do that, I don't know what I would do.
It's amazing some of the stuff people come up with for all subjects. I'm sitting here just going through random themes and am just in love with everything I find. There's some really great ideas on dinosaurs here. My dino unit needed a face-lift of sorts, and this place has just the ideas it needed. :]

man oh man.

this woman inspires me in so many ways. Go and look at her classroom themes- even though they are geared for older children some of it could totally be brought down to a pre-school level.
The western classroom theme is by far my favotite. ("The word herd" just makes me smile.)  Though I am looking forward to her posting pictures of this years jungle theme. :]
I would LOVE to take the time and dedication to have a classroom of this magnitude- my only problem is that I become very bored with the same things VERY QUICKLY and need to change things up on a regular basis.
Once I get back into a room I might give it a go. But, that's all in due time. :]

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