Tuesday, March 30, 2010

blossoming with more work.

"4 more months.  Only 4 more months. "
I keep repeating that in my head. Each time I say it I try to make it sound a little more positive. In the grand scheme of things it's not that long of a time. But, right now it feels like forever. There is silver lining in my gray clouds though- spring is here. The new, bright colors, the sounds of the birds chirping and actually being able to go outside and just sit is totally refreshing.  It's so wonderful to take Vann outside and sit on the porch swing while he plays in his chair. Being confined to the  "inside" is enough to make ANYONE go crazy. And I truly believe that.

We have had such perfect, wonderful weather. I wish it would stay like this for quite awhile. It seems like 2 out of the 4 seasons disappear too quickly- spring and fall being the ones I mean. Summer and winter seem to last FOREVER!
Nicko has been working hard at getting our yard looking good. He's doing a very good job. He's decided that he wants to plant all types of flowers and "spruce" up our yard... which is fine with me. I've watched him out there "pondering" where to put everything and trying to match up the perfect flowers to plant beside certain trees, etc. It's so cute, but it's really hilarious. He will never admit it, but he's a prefectionist when it comes to certain things.
Just as long as he sticks with it. I don't want to have parts of our yard looking good while the rest falls at the wayside.
That's one thing we have in common. We get all gung-ho about starting a project, but midways through we find something else to do or just give up all together. It's not a great quality to have, but it could be worse.

Speaking of projects- I found an idea that I absolutly love! It's simple, quick and doesn't require a lot of money!  I'm making candle holders out of mason jars for my back porch. Like I said, simple, but I think they will end up being very cute. I found about six jars in our garage of various sizes when we first moved in and didn't throw them away because I figured I would use them for something. Then, I was scanning through one of my family magazines and BAM! The idea for the jars. I've been putting off getting started, but now that the weather is nice, I might gather all my supplies, put Vann in his chair and head to the porch to begin work. We'll see how/when that works out.

but, enough procrastinating. I've got lunch to fix, bills to scan to the lawyer, a dog to bathe, laundry to put away and rooms to mop. (my least favorite thing to do.) A mother's work is never done.


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heather said...

i hate to mop too.. it kills my back and i do it everyday at work... and the jars sound super cute.. im sure they will look great...