Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a mad world.

It seems like everything in the news is somehow targeted at the Gay/Lesbian community. Why? What have they done to anyone?!

let me get to my first topic.: 
"The father of a fallen Marine is required to pay $16k  in legal fees for picketers who 'demonstrated' outside of his son's funeral."
THE LEGAL FEES ARE TO PAY FOR THE CHURCH'S COURT EXPENSES! (The members who picketed belonged to the Westboro Baptist Church.)
Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?!
Now, let me say this- Free speech is a wonderful thing. Without it, I wouldn't be able to say what I've got to say- but you have to have TACT about certain things. I'm just going on a whim here, but protesting outside the funeral of someone who died to serve their county sounds pretty wrong on a number of levels. I do not agree that the father should have won a $5 million dollar suit against the group, they do have free speech, but that is a very personal thing for him and they should not have been anywhere close to that - let alone being so very hateful. Everyone of them should be ashamed of themselves.  I'm sure they would really appreciate the same treatment when they kick the bucket.
And good for dad refusing to pay their legal fees. I hope he doesn't have to. He should fight this tooth and nail and he should come out on top! I also think it's insane it's going this far into the courts. No one really deserves any kind of monetary gain and I believe that a lower level court should have ruled that the group not be allowed to protest within a certain distance of funerals. That's just a matter of flat out disrespect- but that opens a whole new can of worms for other groups..

Here's a quote from their "brilliant" leader.
"The church leader, Fred Phelps, preaches that American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are punishment for the nation’s tolerance of homosexuality. The protests have nothing to do with the fallen service members' sexual orientation, and the church says its protests are held within a “lawful distance” of the funerals"
Ok, Mr. Phelps, so it just happens to be a coicidence that most of your rally's take place on the day of a service man's funeral?! I highly doubt that. And, according to this article you and your group are planning on traveling from Kansas to Florida to hold a rally outside of yet ANOTHER soilder's funeral!  What, was his death just bad timing?!
 I'm sure that you've had this trip planned for quite awhile. :/
And, what the hell does "homosexuality" have to do anything with the war going on?! I really hate that the gay & lesbian community takes blame for the most ridiculous things?! According to Mr. Phelps, God is mad at the gays so he's creating wars. You must be a GENIUS because that makes PERFECT SENSE!
But, clue me into this.. if he's so mad at the homosexual community, then why are straight people dying? Is this supposed to be some kind of message?! BREAK IT DOWN FOR ME PREACHER MAN!
It would make more sense if God was mad at the stupidity & hatred that we project onto each other rather than our sexuality preferences.
Maybe that's just me though?!
you peole make me sick.

On to another topic that involves the gay & lesbian community:

All I can say about this is that he DOES deserve more of a punishment. Does everyone criticize, judge and make him be quiet about his maritial status?
and here's a great quote from the Army Secretary
"McHugh said he didn't think Mixon deserved harsher treatment because he now "recognizes it is inappropriate for him to become an advocate and try to shape the opinion of the force, rather than reach out and ascertain the opinion of the force."
I'm sure that one little slap on the wrist has totally changed his entire outlook. Way to go.

Blow me. I believe that about as much as I believe a million dollars is going to magically appear in my bank account.
Everyone deserves the right to protect our country no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, whatever! It's not like in day to day world we go around saying "Hello, I'm Dana. I'm straight" everyday. I seriously doubt that it makes that much of a difference anyway. Why is it such a big deal? God, why can't we just back off of what everyone likes and tend to our own things? Who cares if Hank is in love with Carl?

There always has to be a group of people that take fault for every little thing that happens. It's been going on since the beginning of time.
We  need to stop this. Who we love or what color we are makes no difference as to what kind of people we are. It's our actions that define us.

You don't have to like or agree with what people do, but you don't have to make a big deal about it either. You've got a variety of choices if you don't like something- walk away, keep your mouth shut, or in a very respectful way clue the person (not the masses) as to what you don't like and then DROP IT.

See, very easy and I'd give it about a 95% success rate.

Onto another topic that is totally unreleated, but bothersome none the less- The autopsy of Dawn Brancheau & Tilikum the Orca.
Thank you very much there worldwideweb for that very informative autopsy report on Dawn Brancheau  (the trainer that was killed at Sea World Orlando.)  I'm sure that everyone that saw the video or heard what happened never would have guessed that her cause of death would be  drowning and blunt force trauma.
(I'm not being in-sensitive to her death. I think it's very tragic and I feel for her family. It just flabbergasts me that the web is making such a big deal over her autopsy. Like we were going to get some really shocking news about her death?!)
And, while I'm on the subject, why doesn't Sea World do something with this whale, Tilikum? Obivously he is a bigger threat to anyone involved with him. There are 2 other known deaths linked to him.. doesn't that speak volumes? (though in one case he was probably provoked/natural instinct kicked in.) He is an intelligent and tempermental creature by nature, and being confined has really effected him in a negative way. I would have to say that keeping him seems like it would be a hazardous situation (not that having Orca's ISN'T  dangerous enough to begin with.) But, no one is allowed to be in the water with him, they are having to teach him the SAME things but with new signals as they aren't really allowed to interact and he's not allowed in the major pool during performances? That seems exceptionally cruel, and reason enough to attack anyone who does venture too close to him. Not that I'm giving it an excuse to do so.
It seems like with all the organizations out there, and even the open sea, something other than Sea World would be a better option for this creature. Who knows for sure though. That's one of the problems with places like Sea World- they are great facilities to train and learn about these animals, but then they become dependent on their trainers and more than likely could not survive in the wild. It's a no win situation when you stop and think about it.

.. but I guess you lose compassion towards animals when all you can see is dollar signs and how your "name" is at stake? Best of luck to you Tilikum, and RIP Dawn Brancheau .

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