Sunday, March 21, 2010

as the days go by.

3 17 10
3 17 10
3 17 10. If it wasn't evident before this photo that Vann was my child...well, this definatly is proof!

3 20 10. unhappy Vann.
3 20 10. Lookin' sharp! Daddy even dressed him while mommy was catching up on Zzzz's. Way to go dad!

He's so cute when he laughs and smiles. He was cracking up at my mom (who's holding the passy) and loving on his bunny.  3 21 10
That's a cute outfit too, huh? A little girl that I used to teach and her wonderful parents bought it for him. It's very "spring"ish. Thank you Limbaugh family. ♥

I know the passy is in an "compromising" position. Everything about it looks wrong, but it was not  placed there intentionally.  and, can you see who was getting jealous and needed picture/loving time too. They are both brats! 3 21 10.

And, speaking of Spring.. there haven't been a lot of signs of it lately. We've had a few flowers bloom in our front yard, and the willow in the back is starting to get leaves again but that's all. Tonight  we have a possiablitiy of getting snow flurries and it's going to struggle to get into the 40's tomorrow? Seriously?! ugh. I'm ready for some sunshine and "comfortable" days. I'm tired of freezing and having to shave my legs EVERY DAY. (my hair grows at an insane rate when it's cold.. Spring/Summer it takes a little longer to grow back. Didn't want you to think I don't shave. lol. )
Plus we got a totally amazing porch swing yesterday. I'm ready to prop Vann beside me, have Miles run in the yard and read a book on the swing. and drink sweet tea. Mmm.

I just daydreamed of a typical "southern summer day" stereotype.. and I'm completley comfortable with that. haha.

now I'm off to do..something. I'm not sure what, but I've got to find something to do other than sit on this computer. Too bad I have nothing to do around the house.
That's a good thing since it's SO CLEAN IT SPARKLES. But, a not so good thing because now I have nothing to do.
...and such is life...

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