Sunday, April 11, 2010

breeze of comfort.

It is absolutly fabulous to be able to sleep with all the windows open and only the ceiling fan going. Hopefully we will have a low power bill this month since the weather has been so awesome! 
I wish the weather would stay this way for several more weeks. It's so enjoyable.
Summer is nice, but what's been going on outside lately ..well, you just can't beat it.

Today Nicko and I took a walk up and down our road several times with Vann in his stroller. By the time we got out of our drive-way little man was already passed out and slept for the duration of our stroll. Vann is such a funny kid to me..already so full of personality and little quirks. Watching him grow is just one of the greatest  things. :]
While we are on the subject of kids, I am ready for number 2. I've been mentioning it to Nicko randomly over the last couple of weeks, and though I know this would be AWFUL timing I just really do not want to wait. I know it's important to have money and this and that and blah blah blah, but seriously... what is "secure"? I just don't want to spend all of our time trying to save up and miss opportunities...
That may sound weird, but there's just this feeling that I can't shake about having another baby. and needing to have it RIGHT NOW.

I'm off to bed though. Got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow and I have to catch back up on sleep. Last night was an amazingly fun, and tiring, night.

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