Friday, April 9, 2010

movers & shakers.

this child of mine is so ready to get up and go! I think he understands the mechanics of moving he just can't put them all together yet.
It's quite funny to watch him. It's also very amazing that he is figuring so many things out, in my opinion, very quickly.

he's also eating bananas & applesauce. The latter he took to immediatly and I can't seem to shovel it in fast enough for him. haha. I figured he would be a big oatmeal fan, but rice seems to be his preferrence. Tomorrow we try pears. I might have to stop at the store and pick some up for me. I ♥ pears. 
Next week I think I'm going to introduce the veggies. Maybe there will be a few of those he likes? mmm. sweet potatoes.

BTW- if you haven't seen "Sherlock Holmes" I highly suggest it.
And, not only because Jude Law is in it. It's actually a very good movie.
and moustache or not, he is very delicious eye candy. <3

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