Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bummer Saturday.

Miles found a new home today.
I am totally devestated about this.
I love that fucking dog.

Vann is looking horriable. He got ringworm on his right cheek (because of Miles, and that's why he had to go.) and has a yeast infection.
I feel like a failure as a parent now.
Poor guy.

today just sucks.

I'd like to start over please.


heather said...

aww im so sorry about miles.. and i hate vann has ringworm.. kids getting ringworm is very common.. so dont feel bad.. he will be fine.. i hope tomorrow will be a better day for you and vann...

dana said...

Thanks heather. I know it's common, i just hate that he's got it. I know it's bothersome and it looks TERRIABLE. I just hope it goes away soon.

and I'll live about the miles thing. I just love that dog, probably too much, and I've cried all day long about it.
Yes, I cried about my dog.
I'm sensitive.

:] and I know tomorrow will be a better day. Just gotta think positive.

heather said...

i understand.. i know i will cry very hard if i have to get rid of lexi(my dog) she was my wedding gift from david.. i treated her like a baby

and im sure the ringworms will go away soon...

hope your easter is going great...

dana said...

thanks! We had a great easter hope you did too! :]