Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goodbye Gosselin's! Sheesh.

I am so over Kate Gosselin.
How much time can that woman ACTUALLY spend with her children? There is no way in the world she can convince me that she knows them all as individuals.. With that many children I imagine it would be hard enough to get to know them on a one-on-one basis even if you were with them 24/7, let alone a "working" mom who is now doing 2 television shows. I can see her having "group" time with them for maybe a couple of hours but that is really stretching my imagination.

Maybe I am wrong and she will turn out to be  one of those people who can actually balance a million things and stilll find the time (& energy) to spend with her children!? If she's able to do that, or even trying, then kudos to you.

In my head it would seem as if she would want to be at home with them. The entire clan, dad included, is going through some pretty ugly stuff. It would seem as though she would want to be with them to make sure that they are healing and mentally healthy and "work" would be the very last of the things to worry about..
Maybe that's just me though?

I'm just in a weird mood today.
The weather seems to be matching it perfectly, which makes it even weirder.
Up & down, Bright & Cloudy....

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heather said...

see i love kate.. i loved the show and watched all the time.. maybe that is b/c i want to adopt a little korean girl.. but the kids were so funny and were all very different from each other.. i do hate all the media crap with them and all the new shows that is going on with then.. and i do wish she would be home with the kids more and john would stop being such a loser.. b/c in the end its the poor kids who suffer not the parents.. but i can see where she feels the need to do the shows and all for money but at what cost??? leaving your kids all the time.. if you watch dancing with the stars she is always crying and beaten down about the media,john and not being with them..

but i do get tired of hearing about them and reading about i can see how u feel like that and all :).. hope your day got better...