Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cut the lines.

Camera Fun time. and new hair. :]
may 4, 2010
Oh how I miss the internet. Being broke causes you to miss a lot of things.
We've recently had to "cut back" due to our lack of income. No cell phones, no internet blah blah.

We may be on an upswing soon though. I have been given an opportunty to watch two kids M-F for the summer. it's only $100 a week, but money is money. and, I'll actually be CONTRIBUTING again. That feels really good. :]  The people I am doing it for seem really nice, totally flexiable and understanding. Three things that make a world of difference.  It will also be good to expose Vann to children- ya know, social skills and what not- since it's just usually me and him.
I've also been getting to see the Boutwell girls. They are both so beautiful. and their parents are some of the most amazing, generous and just GREAT people i have ever met. You couldn't ask for better people in your life.

I stopped at the daycare today as well to visit some teachers and some of my old kids. It doesn't feel like I have been away from there for very long but OMG at how they all have grown. I was flabbergasted. (and that's such a fun word.) I was thankful that the majority of them remembered me. The day that they forget I will probably cry.

Time is a funny fickle thing. It goes by so slowly but then seems like it is so very far away.

and, while we are on the subject of children.. I was washing dishes last night and Nicko comes in all non-chanantley and says " you want more?" as he throws his head back indicating Vann behind us.. I was a little confused and asked "What?"   Apparently he was talking about having more kids. and having them relatively soon.  I was a little suprised but totally stoked because YES of course I do. The fact that he is ready for more makes it that much better.  :]

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