Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 months and then some.

The Suggs household is internet & cable friendly! :)

That is a great thing. And something that I have missed terribly!

On another note, I can not believe that I am about to have a one year old. Where the hell did time go? I am amazed at how big he has gotten and am just awe struck by him everyday.. but I am in no way prepared to have a "toddler". Gracious.

I've been working on his birthday party stuff, and I am so excited. i really think it's going to be the best 1st birthday ever.. .but that's just my opinion. I have the majority of the goody bag items, have his cake(s) ordered, have figured out the majority of the decorations (of which I am making), bought the plates and napkins, have the invitations ordered (and the party guest list ready for transfering to envelopes).
It's going to be fun, but I know I will cry.
and get laughed at for doing so.

oh well. Thats what makes me a good mommy. (or so I like to think)

by the way the theme for his party is "the very hungry caterpillar".  yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

That's all I've really got going on. I wanted to update because it's been far too long.

Cops is on and I'm distracted.
White trash television at it's finest. :)


heather said...

man do I love me some

And I am glad to see you back on here... Oh and NOTHING can prepare you for a toddler..I have one and I am still not prepared...oops...

dana said...

I do too. It is great television. Some
and all these copy-cat cop shows are killing me. They are so lame.. nothing compares to the O.G.

I know. He is already a handful, I can't imagine how much MORE fun it's going to be in about 2 months. Geez. It just doesn't seem possible. I seriously feel like I have missed so much- even though I have been with him nearly every single day. It's insane.
I just wany my baby back. haha.