Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday madness.

what a day! It's only 3:00 p.m and already we've done so much to the house. (I guess spring cleaning is hitting early this year. ha!) Besides the usual- sweeping, moping, dusting, dishes and laundry- I've cleaned/rearranged/downsized vann's room, we've built shelves in the garage, got rid of 'junk' and completly given it a (much needed) facelift. I've cleaned my car and it is literally sparkling from the inside out. Fans have been cleaned, doors/cabinets/windows have been cleaned with clorox, couch cushions have been removed & what treasures have been uncovered. haha. Porches have been swept, bathrooms have been cleaned AND disinfected, picture frames dusted, old clothing has been packed away and ready to donate... There's only a few things left to do on my check list, but we are at 94% completion. woooooooooo.
It just feels so good to have so much done. tomorrow i'll finish up-assuming i don't today. the rest of tomorrow will be spent with my handsome, sweet-face boy.
Who, by the way,  is becoming one super smart little cookie! :)  He's learning and trying to mimic new words everyday and can't NOTHING slow this boy down. He is on the go constantly.

..and in the midst of cleaning nicko and i started talking about vann's 2nd birthday. guess who is going to have a pirate party!? 
I hope my same cake lady is available. She does the best work.

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