Friday, February 25, 2011

happy friday.

I am all smiles and in a super happy mood tonight. I have no idea why. Work wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything super special either.
Vann is in a decent mood, ready for bedtime already, but he's got another hour to hang in there or else he will NOT sleep tonight.
(and i didn't get good sleep last night as it was. It wasn't the store, it was my husband who was a little worried about it.)

I'm pretty excited though because Nicko is ready to get him a dog. YAY!! someone in his family has *free*  Lab/Boxer mix puppies that we are seriously considering. Both breeds have a history of being good with children, are a decent size and are over-all good temperments. i want, and think he needs, something to grow with him and he's able to start learning how to treat animals.
plus, I love animals. especially puppies. :)  I don't know if I will be able to walk away with just one...

I hope this weekend will be as good as I feel right now. i seriously can not wipe this smile off my face.. and that makes me even happier.


hope everyone has a super teriffic weekend. <3

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