Saturday, March 26, 2011

heart failure.

I took my mom to work today. We were sitting in the parking lot at chili's in the front, and I saw a truck getting ready to pull out. I figured I'd be nice and let him come on out because it was a good parking spot. I looked around and didn't see anyone else backing up. well, all of a sudden I turned to my right and there is this FJ (I think is what it's called) backing up. I started freaking out and laid on my horn. For about 6 seconds they kept backing up and I couldn't do anything but yell at keep the horn blaring. They were LITERALLY a half inch from my side mirror before they realized I was there. I was so mad, upset, scared to fucking death that I whipped into a parking spot and started bawling. My entire body was shaking and I could not stop crying.
My poor mom was freaking out because of how upset I was and I know vann was thinking 'wth'..
Logically I knew if he hit me there wouldn't be much damage (unless he  just kept going up and over my car) but I was terrified and the whole 'last year's wreck' came rushing back.
the person never got out and apologized or anything... though I think they should have. Then again, maybe they saw me freaking out and figured they didn't want to deal with a crazy, emotional lady. Thinking about it, may have been a better decision on their part. I can't promise I would have been nice- if I'd have even been able to talk through the hysteria.

(them)   vs.  (me)

maybe I'm being over dramatic.

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