Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Saturday I accomplised something- i was actually able to drive out of town (4 1/2 hours) by myself.  I know, at my age, it sounds lame but I've never been a real big driver. I enjoy riding around town, especially back roads, but not out of my 'comfort zone'. Plus the free-ways make me a NERVOUS wreck.
But, i did it and back alone.
It was a major success for me. :)

And speaking of Saturday, I had a WONDERFUL time. The girls and I got to ride in a short party bus around Dothan then hit up the gay club to watch the drag show. That was pretty freakin' fantastic. We didn't leave the club until 4:30 a.m. and I pretty much crashed when we got back to her house. It was a wonderful time with people that I have truly missed.

I'm so ready for her wedding. I know it's going to be beautiful. :)

This week has been pretty good though. I'm off work for the rest of the week to help for the wedding. Nicko's been super pleasant this week- like, exceptionally pleasant. Sunday night, he drew a bath for me in our garden tub and had all the candles lit.. it was wonderful. Then last night he made us a DELICIOUS steak dinner and he's been watching Trueblood and cuddling with me... It's odd, but definately enjoyable.


heather said...

What im super jealous... you got to take a nice bath in a garden tub and go to a drag show... WTH... I've never been to a drag show but I bet they are really fun and I want a garden tub so bad.... Have a great week :)

dana said...

haha, thanks Heather. I LOVE the gay clubs. they are so much fun and the drag shows are usually pretty fantastic. Sometimes there are a few that aren't any good, but most of them go above and beyond a typical preformance. i highly suggest going. (and the drinks are usually cheaper!)

We don't use the garden tub that often. the jets are broken and I usually don't have the time to just sit and relax.
i hope you h ave a great week too!