Friday, April 15, 2011

boy & dog.

Ya know, i can not figure out why PARENTS get upset when they have to pick their children up early from daycare..
Seriously? Why would that be a problem? and why would you get mad at the teachers? This is out of our hands (though we aren't distraught about it) and you know before enrolling your child what our weather precautions are.
It's just infuriating how ridiculous people are.
Oh, and if we close at 1:30, how about not getting there at 1:50? We'd like to get home to our families too. :/

Ugh. i needed to get that off my chest.
I'm just completly miffed by parents sometimes. I can not understand what goes through their heads at times.

anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday. I posted most of these to facebook but wanted to put some up here as well. It was a special day watching vann play on his new slide.. and Triton loved it just as much, if not more, than vann did. :)
I still think getting him a dog was a wonderful idea. I just hope he gets out of this puppy/chewing thing soon. He's got some damn sharp teeth.

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