Monday, April 11, 2011

pitter patter, lightning crashes.

mmm, nothing beats being home.
The wedding Saturday was beautiful, but I am glad it's over. I'm not a fan of dresses, make up, fixed hair and high heels. Atleast, not for long periods of time.
Gimme flipflops, sweat pants and a tanktop and I'm in my personal heaven. :)

Vann has apparently forgotten what it's like to have parents though. Our 3 days away have really messed him up. I don't know if the grandparents gave him his way or if he's just pushing boundaries (it very well could be both) but he's fighting us at every turn. He's getting increasing bad with hitting at us (and making contact!) He's getting incrediably brazen and omg at the attitude this child has! He's a pistol, that's for sure.

The bed is calling my name though.  I am so exhaused and haven't got the chance to properly recouperate from the busy weekend.
More of an update on life at a later date...


heather said...

How old is he now? Brennen started all this about 18 months and it was considered terrible twos, and if thats what is happening to vann im sorry to tell you it doesn't get better. Brennen's attitude and actions get worse everyday when he gets mad. He will down right scream at us, like he is shaking and face turning red kinda shaking. But I hope it isn't terrible twos b/c those are so awful...

dana said...

he'll be 17 months saturday. (Omg!) I didn't know that was considered terrible two's but it makes sense. unfortunatley, i think 3's are the worst. You ought to see some of the attitudes the kids at work have. wow.

he's always had a bit of a 'tude (which comes naturally) but for as little as he is, it's starting to get out of hand. We (me and nicko)both have short fuses, but I didn't think he would get so mad/frustarted so early.

oh well.. i guess he's gonna get a head start on it. maybe it will be over quickly?

good luck with Brennen!