Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CJ's Bachlorette Party.

                                 For whatever reason Dothan  has these (god-awful) painted peanuts     around  different places downtown.  CJ wanted us to go on a nut-hunt before we went out to drink. We found quite a few but I'm missing photos on my camera.

bathroom break at Krispy Kreme. haha.

Tara, my wonderful friend. :)

The willie-winkie-wand.
It wasn't the only penis at the club covered in glitter. hahahaha

Tara and I.

Casey, the bride's sister that I had not met before.
VERY sweet girl. :)

CJ, Me and Tara.
 I miss them so.

Random black guy.
I have no idea what he was doing standing around us.
He wasn't much of a talker... kinda weird.


heather said...

Looks like a lot of fun, and I agree those painted peanuts are weird...

dana said...

it really was. I wish I would have gotten a ton more. and i completly missed picture opportunities of the drag show- though I'm not 100% it was allowed.
i don't understand the thing with the peanuts.. those people in Dothan are a little strange though, so I guess it's fitting.