Monday, April 18, 2011

down the rabbit hole.

I guess I knew, secretly, that Vann was going to love the bunny.
Once Nicko came out in costume Vann went straight to him and started snuggling. It was so dang cute, and everyone was watching, awwing and saying "he's so cute!" Well, yes he is, but thanks for noticing. ;)

Here's a couple of snapshots from the day. He made me so proud. He collected eggs and was able to put them in his basket- though he got ALL the eggs with the cheap chocolate. (I was rooting for starbursts at the very least, oh well.) He's getting so freakin' big- like I've said before, it's a love/hate thing about him growing up.
egg exploration.

                                       he was giving me stank eye b/c I was interrupting  bunny time.

                                                :)   :)   :)   :)   :)  :)   :)     :)   :)  :)  :)     :)   :)    :)

                                                 I like him because he's special. haha.

                                                          The best baby ever.

Easter bunny, Vann and I.
                                         Tell me this isn't one of the sweetest things you've ever seen?!

monkey basket. :)

                                                        learning how to put the eggs inside.

collecting with daddy.

                                                       vann's turn to put the eggs in!

He loves telephones- as you can see. :)

checking out the EB.


Nicko and Aaron got their faces painted.. Aaron was an ape, Nicko batman.
oh, boys.

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