Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dental visit.

Vann had his very first dental visit today. I know 18 months seems a little early, but our dentist actually recommends starting at 6 months... That's a little too early for this mama though.

I had been excited about it all day long..thinking things were going to go smoothly and the visit would be delightful..
Could I have been more wrong?!
Vann was an excellent paitient. He truly was.. he never cried, acted scared or even bit the doc (thank you JESUS!).. it was the doctor that I really had the issue.
Usually doctors, nurses, people in general don't bother me..but this one did. He was not positive in any way and immediatley started telling me things that were wrong with Vann's teeth and waht he was concerned about. It wasn't 1 or 2 things either.. This was like 5+.
Now, don't get me wrong.. I'm all for knowing what is/could be wrong with my child, and preventative measures, but it was like a negative-checklist for him.  The more he talked the more I was like "omg, are you KIDDING ME?! All these things can't be going wrong when he JUST TURNED a year and a half old.."
eh..I just wasn't impressed. I walked in happy and out depressed and a nervous wreck. He made me feel like I am failing my child in dental health with things that are out of my hands..and at this point BIG "if's".. 

On top of the "no no lists" he told me it's time to kick his passy & bottle habit. (Yes, I said bottle. Mind you, he gets one in the morning and one at night ONLY. Passies we keep within reach all day, but it's not pushed for him. I really think he cares less, it's just more of a habit than a neccessity. We had planned on his 2nd bdayto get rid of all of them though.) I felt like he was making me push my baby away and demanding him to become a big boy...
I know this sounds stupid, and honestly, it's probably time to move on past these... but as a mother, I'm not quite prepared. I know it's coming, and soon, but I just want to hold on a little longer.

I think we'll be finding a new pediatric dentist.. even though I had high hopes for this one. :(


heather said...

well i will say the dentist had a point at the passy. brennen had his until two and his front two teeth curve in. i noticed it one day while changing him. i was so upset i threw them all away. it was rough but way quicker then when i tried to slowly get him off.

now i do think that the dentist shouldn't have come up with that many things wrong in one visit... heck brennen has yet to go and im lucky if i can get a tooth brush to his teeth.. the kid eats nothing but junk and candy.. so i would hate to see what he said about mine.. im sorry things didnt go well, where did you go?

look on the bright side, vann did an awesome job

dana said...

I know he has a point on the passy and the bottle... I've already made a decision to get rid of it when he's 2.. i just didn't like him pushing me into it and the way he made it sound so desperate...

and see, i was so mortified when he told me he had MULTIPLE places for possible cavatives b/c i fe vann ostly good food- he gets fruits and veggies daily and doesn't get much junk. He gets juice, water and milk daily- and it's usually only applejuice (which i now you've got to becareful with juice/friut b'c of all the acid & sugar).. idk, it was just overwhelming and incredibly discouraging.

i took him to dr. michael vann in trussville. he's relatively new to the area... but i'm almost positive i'm going to find a new dentist. I'm just not thrilled with the visit yesterday and the more i talk to people who've taken their kids elsewhere the more turned off this guy has me..

and yes, vann did. he made me proud! :)
and he LOVES to bbrush his teeth/have it done for him. he's hillarious about it. :)