Monday, June 13, 2011

singy songy kinda days.

Oh, I feel like I've missed so much. It's been nearly a full month since I have read or posted anything on here. It's not like I haven't had anything to write about- there has been tons of things to share- it's just that everytime I sit down and try to talk about what's been going on it just doesn't come out right. After a few tries I gave up. No point in struggling for words that aren't going to come, right?!

In the past month Vann has really blossomed into a toddler. His vocabulary is increasing each day but two and three words at a time, he's mimicing EVERYTHING now. He can find and show his bellybutton, ears, eyes, head, toes, tongue  and can now show his 'muscles'. He's so dang funny.  He's also sleeping in his ferreal big boy bed, eats by himself, can turn the bathtub handles on and off, climbs on EVERYTHING, helps load and unload the dryer and dishwasher (not by himself of course) among a ton of other things.  Last week we had our very first family beach trip which was amazing. He loved the beach and made every attempt to ditch us for the water. Watching him admire the beach was a truly beautiful thing.
I wish I could remember seeing the ocean for the first time. Can you imagine  how big, beautiful, powerful and wonderous it must have been for him? Not truly knowing anything about it but being in complete awe of it? that's deep stuff- literally. ;)
I'm really proud of how well he's doing with animals. He's scared of Triton, but he's a hyper dog and real sporatic with his movements. He takes Vann off guaurd, but I think he likes him none the less. He's doing really well with our cat, Ashley, with the expection of pulling her tail on occassion. My mom's dog had 8 puppies a few weeks ago and though he has one particular favorite, he does well with them considering they are still so young/small. He holds them (usually upside down. Ha!), rocks them, and today he sang one a song. I have no idea waht song he was singing, it was his own sweet version,but none the less it made me tear up.
He's not the sweetest boy in the whole world- which boy REALLY is anyways?- but he's loveable. Watching him love that puppy today just really touched me. It's nice to know that he can show warmth and love to animals. That's somemthing I've wanted all my kids to have. they need to realize how important it is to take care of animals.

and speaking of kids a new one is still in the making. I hope to have an announcement soon. I feel like I have been recieving signs EVERYWHERE. On the way to the beach I happened to glance out my window and in the sky I swear to you I saw what looked like the ultrasound of a baby. I yelled at Nicko"holy crap, look!" which I think scared him, haha, but he saw it too. Even the head you could see the eyes, nose and lip profile and the hollow spot in the head where the brain is. it also appeared that it was trying to suck it's thumb. The cloud itself looked like the womb around the baby.  it was amazing.. and I wasn't even thinking about children when I saw it. I just looked and there it was.  There has been a ton of other 'coicidental' things that have occured, especially in the past two-three weeks that i may/may not be reading too much into. I don't know.  I'm a believer of (most) coicidences- I just don't want to get my  hopes too high, ya know?

so yeah, that's a smidge of what's been going on in my life.
I also watched 'the glee project' the other night and LOVED it. ('loved' needs to be read in a sing-song kind of way.) Um, and did anyone else instantly love Mr. super hot ultra geek skinny jean wearing cameron?  i sure did. He could play guitar for me anyday. mmmmmmmm. Nicko said it's because he's rockin the HP glasses- which is so not true. He's just a sexy geek. and hooray for that! :)

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