Thursday, June 23, 2011


so i have decided that instead of  'hoping' for baby #2, I'm going to  will  it into happening. It's all positive thinking from here on out. (other things have to happen of course, but I figured it was best not to mention it.) In addition to 'brain powering' a baby into makings, I'm focusing on having a little girl.  I want a baby girl so freaking badly.  or twins, but we're just focusing on one. If more happen it's nothing but a bonus in my book.

I've had her bedding picked out since I was pregnant with the first- and was still not sure what he was. i had to have my bases covered. ha.   we have had the name "Ava Jude" picked out BEFORE we got pregnant the frist time, but i've picked out a variety of other names just in case. Here's a run down of what I like. There's a good chance this will be the only time I get to type them out since he hates nearly every girl name I've ever chosen. ava jude isn't his favorite but it's what we've 'compromised' on.. more compromising was done on his part. ha.

 So, here they are. feedback is always appreciated. :)  especially with middle names. I always struggle with those.

  • Brynna Claire - this i'm adamant about not seperating. i think it has a pretty flow to it.
  • Amalia ( long a- mall-ya)
  • Oriana - if  we ever have a boy/girl twins I think we'll go with this for the girl since the boy will more than likely be Rion (after Orion).  "Oriana & Rion" looks nice together. :)
  • lorelei
  • kincaid or kincaide- not sure which one i prefer.
  • mckinley or mckynleigh.  not sure which spelling i prefer.
  • lelani
  • ivy
  • danielle (i love it paired as a middle name with ivy)
  • kensington
i aplogize if this post has come off as creepy. :)

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heather said...

keep ava jude. i have loved it since you were pregnant with vann. and believe me I wish I was at a place where I could have another one.. It is killing me that it just isn't the right time.. All I get is the "we can practice" answer... Are you reading the Chinese calendar to pin point the girl??? My mother in law said girls are created when it is unplanned and non lazy(planned) sex. She said when your more likely to get caught in a moment. She got her girl after 2 boys, they never ha a chance to do anything so if they had a sec they did and lydia got a girl after tj had been away for months. so they were just whenever and where ever kinda thing.. i planned on getting pregnant, did everything as the "getting pregnant chart" said and I got a boy. everything was planned. try not planning it and see what it gets you..