Wednesday, June 22, 2011

let's start with last night. I didn't get home from babysitting until 7:50 pm. (I got there at 7 that morning)  Once home Nicko informs me the air is not working and I need to go get a fan. Fine, ok.  I figured I'd make a quick trip to dollar general and pick one up. the entire trip should have taken no more than 20 minutes. Note i said "should have".  Apparently the big wind storm we had knocked some bricks off of a dilipatated building into the main road. The 'genuises' in charge of cleaning up the road had no street lamps and were apparently working off of car lights. I damn near hit the blockade that was up (b/c you couldn't see it until you were right up on it.) I had to turn onto some small little road that wrapped around, thinking I could come out on the other side of the mess. Boy was I wrong, they had that part completly blocked off too. Could you tell from a short distance though? No, of course not.  Ugh. I considered going home but the thought of laying in bed, hot and miserable was an unberable thought.  I had to have another fan.
So, the dollar store trip was out with a quickness. There were no other short roads I could take unless I backtracked, got on the interstate and wrapped back around the town- passing Walmart once I got off the exit. my choice was obvious: Walmart it was (which is 15 minute or so trip there.) I take that back- I hit up dollar tree first. Somewhere in my head I figured they would have what I needed, for cheap, and be able to go home. i always forget that they only carry things that are $1.  That put me in an even worse mood and then I headed to Walmart which is literally a hop,skip and a jump away. (different ends of the parking lot.) once inside wallyworld, I had to search the entire store for a dang fan. you would figure they'd be in the home department, right? no so. they have moved all the fans into the clearance aisle.. which is by far a genius thing to do.  Searching for a fan took an additional 20-  fun filled, cursing the disease that is walmart- minutes.

I FINALLY got home a few minutes after 9.  I had spent the ENTIRE day and night away from home, and away from vann.  Then i'm informed that he can now say "ruff ruff" when asked what sound a dog makes. He was, of course, already in bed for the evening when I got home from babysitting. I was so bummed out that I missed it. :( 

This morning hasn't been bad. It's just been... 'eh'. Vann thankfully didn't wake up until 7 am but the house is distasterous after it was sparkling clean yesterday.  gratefully I only had 1 load of laundry and dishes to do, which isn't bad, but there is laundry everywhere- i can't tell what's clean or dirty, the floors are filthy yet again and the trash is full.  There is no other explination except we have people that make messes while we are gone.  I also found 2 fish that had apparently jumped out of the tank and dried to the floor. :/  How exactly this happened is beyond me. We have a cat, but she's never been interested in them plus she can't balance on the small lip of the tank. She is the clumsiest cat I have ever seen. True story.  The air is supposed to be fixed within a couple of hours. i really hope it will be.

i'm just.. ugh. not really in a bad mood, but ready to sleep this day away. I'm so very tired, especially after yesterday. i just feel..haggard.
and speaking of, RIP Ryan Dunn. :(

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