Wednesday, July 6, 2011

there's a ghost on my tongue that softly speaks..

I'm so disappointed in the verdict in the casey anthony trial. I wasn't completly blown away, just sad. There is no doubt in my mind about her guilt I just wish they would have been able to prove it. And her mother, Cindy, really flipped on me. I understand that Casey is her daughter, but the way she acted in court- showing no remorse and making everything everyone else's fault- I don't see how she could support and lie for her. I don't see how anyone could NOT see Casey for the selfish monster that she is, and how she could stand by her is beyond my comphrehension.

I feel bad for that sweet little girl Caylee, but if that entire family is half as screwed up as what Casey tried to portray then maybe it's better she's no longer here. Not that I'm glad she died, I'm not, no child deserves that!
I hope with all my heart that she is never able to have another child.

.....and that's my rant on that.....

Onto something new- I've been trying new things for dinner. Not like super exotic or anything, just variations with chicken mostly. ha. Last night I made tangy ranch chicken. All that's required is mustard, ranch and brown sugar- odd, right?! I didn't go into it with high expectations, but it turned out wonderfully. It's something we will have more frequently. I even made 'from-scratch' loaded mashed potatoes and they were just as freaking good. Tonight I made taco casserole but added a few new things and it turned out pretty delicious too. I've got a few other things to try and i need to find some more reciepes. I'm just ready for something new. And I've been craving the CRAP outta some meatballs, so that may be on the menu very soon.

In music news I've been listening to florence and the machine lately and her voice is so..riveting and beautiful and haunting. ah. "The girl with one eye" is my absolute favorite even though it's such a mean song. I hope that at some point she comes to within a reasonable distance, I can't wait to see her.

So we've got this big, wonderful list of names for boys. I think it's up to like 22 or something. The girls name list has not done quite so well. Yesterday I made a list of 18 and had nicko narrow it down to the ones he liked. He chose 4! Two of which I knew he'd like (Nicko and Jude).  I think Ava Jude is still a possibilty-I need to talk about that..
I desperatley want a girl but she may not have a name because obviously we aren't going to be able to agree on anything. If we ever have one that is. Nicko claims we're going to have all boys. (One girl is all i ask.)
Anyway, the other two names are Rebekah and Jane. Simply Southern. :(

Who knows what will come out of what we've got. We may find something that we both love- but I think that day is far, far away. Light years possibly.


heather said...

casey anthony says she want more children and would like to adopt. some one needs to do something.. please someone stop her. i think everyone was very sad. the male prosecutor quit after the trial too. i think he just had enough. also juror #3 says she thinks she is guilty and feels bad for saying other wise.. WOW...

anyways now im off to listen to "the girl with one eye" I loved dog days so im sure i will love this one :)

Anonymous said...

i hope she nver has anymore children- her own or through adoption. surely with all the rules and regulations adoption agenies go through she would never be eligable to adopt evne though she was not convicted of the murder/abuse & neglect charges that should be a definate negative for her eligablity. hopefully.
and even though a lot of men will bang whoever to get rocks off, hopefully no one is stupid enough to reproduce again with her.

the entire idea of her having more children is just sickening. considering all the people in the world who deserve children and how she could have cared less about hers.
i wish they would have charged her (at the very least) with the abuse and neglect. :( the 31 days of not reporting caylee missing should have sealed that charge.

i kind of feel bad for the prosecutor. casey's attorney made a mock of them,and reading about baez- omg what a douche bag. go and read some information on him- he's a dick who didn't deserve to win this case. at all.
as for the juror who's deciding to speak.. well, all i can say is that anyone will do anything for a buck. why would you come out and say you fel guilty/bad for your verdict unless you are trying to play to the public? it's a little too late to change her mind- and i think it's ridiculous she's coming out and saying that.

i don't like high profile cases b/c everyone thinks they can cash in on it. it's replusive how some people act.
i heard lifetime is in the process of making a movie about casey anothony. SICKENING. why waste time and money on such a selfish person? ugh!

yeah, def. get as much florence as you can. some personal faves of mmine are "hurricane drunk", "im not calling you a liar", "drumming song" and "howl"

Anonymous said...

and that was me (dana) btw. this account is stupid and won't let me log in to respond. LAMEE.