Thursday, July 7, 2011


Oh, Vann. What a funny boy I'm so lucky to have.  He's doing so many new 'toddler' things.

He will FINALLY give kisses, but he's sooo stingy with him. THankfully he's giving most of 'em to me and not his daddy. ha! Granted I have to usually bribe him with food or a drink to get a sloppy, open mouthed kiss with stinky breath, but hey- i'll take what I can get from such a cutiepatootie. :)
He's also covering his eyes when he's in trouble or pretend crying. He'll slowly move one hand away to see if you're looking and then quickly put them back over his eyes and giggle.
He plays hide-and-seek too. He loves using blanket to cover his entire head and then jerks it back. It's apparently the best game in the entire world. yay!

Today we were shopping at Target with Olivia and Marina (who I constantly refer to as 'girls'). I swear to you he called them "girls" really loud when they had walked to the next aisle. I stopped the buggy and just looked at him. He looked back at me like "what? didn't you hear me?"  Then we were all eating lunch and I gave him half of a banana (which he LOVES) and clear as day he said "thank you!" Again, I stopped in my tracks and just looked at him in amazement. I know I shouldn't be surprised when these things happen, I want them to, it just always takes me off guard.  His eating habits are improving daily, though he's really taken a lack of interest to any vegetables.

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Jenn said...

I just visited over from Kelle's blog (enjoying the small things) and when I read this i had to chuckle. My son is just 21 months and about 2 weeks ago he started giving me kisses.

Isn't it the best?!