Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bar contacted...not the 'drunk' bar.

I did it. I finally contacted the alabar and filed a complaint against my lawyer. It feels SOOO good to finally do this.
I am so tired of his bullcrap. I looked over my records of the last few times I tried contacting him. here's the breakdown.

June 1- spoke with him over phone. Required two weeks to get paperwork in order. (Last time speaking with him in 2 months!)
June 16- emailed with no response.
June 20 & 21- Nicko called; not returned.
June 22 - I emailed; not returned
June 23- a phone call recieved from his secretary stating we would recieve a phone call the following monday.
June 24- I emailed letting him know I was anticipating a phone call the following business day.
June 27- no phone call recieved after being told to expect one: I called office mutliple times & his personal cell; no call backs.
June 29th- July 1- I call his office and cell phone multiple times each day; never in office and no calls returned.
July 1st- late evening I recieve a phone call from secretary stating that "he is out of town for the following week and when HE'S ready to close HE will contact me.."

I let July slide by figuring, out of decency and to keep me relatively pacified, I would hear from him at some point or another. The ENTIRE month has gone by and neither NIcko or I have recieved a phone call or email. I called his office first thing this morning and, wouldn't you know it, he's not there.

That was the final straw. My complaint has officially been filed.
Anything that he required us to do was done in a timely fashion. When he asked for extensions (which is usually when he actually takes the time to phone me- hardly ever) we have given them to him without complaint or second thought.  The money we are paying this useless dickhead is outrageous and we should be treated better than this. I don't care if we aren't ready to close out yet- call me and let me know that you are still working on it. Don't go months without contacting me, or calling me back. The attempts should be on HIS part, not mine. That is what I am so mad about and why I make it a point to constantly try to get in touch with him.
I thought that since we were referred to him through family (someone used to work for him and they both talk highly of each other) we were guaranteed exceptional treatment.
Wow, was I off course on that one.

I hope he gets dis-barred- what a jerk.
That's probably a little far-fetched, but i feel justified in saying/wishing for it.

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