Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday I had a real 'crafty' spell. I was dying to draw, paint and create.  The best place to start...Vann's bathroom. I bought him a new shower curtain a month ago and  have been trying to make it cuter/kid friendlier with each passing day.  This coming weekend we are going to paint in there to really spruce it up. Right now, it's a regular ol' tan..

I went and bought a few canvases and searched some imagines online to get my creative juices flowing. Here are what I found that really started inspiring me.


I thought they were so cute and I was easily able to draw them, which is always a plus.  Then the real fun began. I'm fairly impressed with how they all turned out. They are different than my original 'inspirations' but that's fine.. I wanted them to be different and more 'pirate-esque". 

I know they aren't the greatest in the entire world, and I'm fine with that. I did them to the best of my ability, and I (happily) suprised myself. I may have a few touch ups to do later today, but overall I think they turned out well. It's for a child's bathroom anyway, and children hardly notice imperfections.
I do admit that the buttoned-tentacles hook-handling squid is my favorite. haha. I just think it is so freaking cute. :)
I'm sentimental in my own way and made the crabs to represent our family. If we have another kid anytime soon, I"ll have to find a way to add them on there too. Should have kept that in mind while I was making it.
Oh well. 

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