Monday, August 22, 2011

doctor visit.

Yesterday I mentioned that Vann was ill. Today he just got progessively worse. I had to take him to the doctor once I got of work. I figured it would be a double ear infection but NOOOOOOOO.. he had to go and raise the bar: STREP THROAT.
Wonderful. Here's some pictures from our super awesome doctor visit: 

   He had to have blood work done. Thankfully he did really well! He didn't scream or try to wiggle away. He just cuddled to me while they collected the blood. I was a proud mama..and the nurse had nothing but nice things to say. :)

I'm off work tomorrow so the two of us will be house-bound while this icky stuff works it's way out of his system. I am ready for him to feel better and I most certainly do not want that parent that let's their child spread infection..

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