Sunday, August 21, 2011

So, the bar association fell through. What's new, right? Apparently I have no "proof" that he has neglected or been inappropriate withour case.. damn Lawyers.  Guess it doesn't matter that he's burning up my time and making interest, right!?
 Instead I turned to the BBB (better business bureau). We'll see how that goes. They, like the bar, will send a copy of my complaint to his office and figure out a resolution. I'm not asking for much- just for the d-head to get in touch with me. Doesn't seem like much to ask, but apparently it's a major incovience for this jackwagon.
I'm interested and a little scared to find out how he's going to react. I feel justified in filing my complaint and I wish I would have done it sooner. But, I'm a little scared it could set us back even further..  I don't assume that could TECHNICALLY happen, but there's that "if" factor that I worry about.
 I'm just so ready to be done with this. I want to be done with him, get my money and MOVE ON. I've STILL been calling his office & cell phone PLUS emailing this guy and STILL have gotten no response! No return calls or emails. I called Friday and asked the answering service how he recieves his messages and wanted to know how often he called to check. I'm sure they are used to telling people what they want to hear but I'm curious and so fed up.
 It's unprofessional on his part, rude- for a regular person to do, let alone a "lawyer", incovnient for me and just pisses me the heck off.
The only reason we used him is because a family member used to work for him and I felt confident he would treat us right- you know, wanting to uphold that golden title.. well, newsflash. I wouldn't send a turd to this man. :(
and please, pass this information on: do not EVER use or reccommend Robert Pears p.c. to ANYONE. EVER.  I'm sure an individual could do more work on thier own case in a month than this jerk has done in the year and a half we have been 'dealing' with him.. and I use the word "dealing" loosely because, wow, from what I've seen he does very little.

onto a new subject. We watched "just go with it" last night and I about died. It was one of those movies that if I saw it great, if not..well, I wouldn't be too hurt. But I am glad we took the time to watch it. It was truly hilarious and I grow to appreciate Jennifer Aniston a little more each day.  Plus Nick Swardson makes me happy. (something about Nick's..hah.) I recommend everyone to see it atleast one time. :)

and now I'm waiting for True Blood. This day has been creeping by and it's actually lame. I always want the weekends to last, because Monday means back to the grindstone, but I'm ready for today to be over.
I also have to check and see who won the Glee project tonight. It's kind of fallen by the wayside since Cameron left (sniffle) but I'm all for Damian now- little guy has some talent, gorgeous eyes and that accent is killer. :) I'm glad that show is finally over, there are a lot of douche bags on there, but I enjoy a good music competition.

Vann is sickly today. He's been real lethargic and had a temp of 100.4 earlier. I've given him some Tyleonl and of course the little dude hasn't slept. You can tell he doesn't feel good but he is eating well  and playing a little bit. I'm hoping it will pass by tomorrow. I don't want to take him to the doctor (b/c we can't afford it) unless he gets worse. So far, he's drinking a lot of water, hasn't had any nasty diapers or anything.. so maybe it's just a summer cold. (I hope!)
I am enjoying all the cuddling he's doing though. Wish he was this sweet all the time. :)
and maybe he'll feel better tomorrow. I don't want a sick monkey.


heather said...

i <3 nick too. he is on my list of people i would love to meet. and i would totally geek out if i did..

hope vann feels better :)

dana said...

haha. I know what you mean. I have a crush on him.. he's just too dang funny. :)

and thanks. He will soon.

btw- i can't comment on any of your blogposts. I've tried and it will say "user denied access for this page. Login as a different user to view" which is weird because I CAN read them just not comment. any ideas?