Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last night Nicko and I cleaned out our extra room..again. We've been working on it randomly for awhile now. We finally decided to get it finished! We haven't painted or anything, just downsized (A LOT) and rearrangement. We kicked out the computer desk and turned our entertainment center into our game/computer area. The TV is now the computer monitor and let me tell you.. it looks fantastic... and gave us so much more room! It's a pretty comfy area which makes me happy and I'm so happy the clutter is gone. There's a few other things to do in here- like hang pictures and find a home for a few stray teaching things but that's no biggie.

In the midst of cleaning we came across a notebook. We opened the first page and low-and-behold.. it was our 'baby' list of names when I was pregnant with Vann. Sometimes things are funny like that. Now I can't picture his name being ANYTHING but what it is. Even when I was pregnant with him I knew that's what his name SHOULD have been but I'm an 'options' kind of gal. I have to admit though- we had some good names on that list that haven't made it to our current ones..  For example: a girl name we had picked out is Kamden. Omg, love it all over again. :)

I'm still stuck on this pregnacy kick. I want to be 'with child' so badly. I loved being pregnant- even with all the sickness it was still fantastic to me.  (of course, my feelings wouldn't be hurt if I didn't end up sick again but I can take it.) Lately everyone is making comments about us needing #2 on the way and I want to tell everyone I KNOW! WE ARE TRYING!! But, I don't want to rock the boat. With Vann I told everyone  we were trying and then I told as soon as I found out. The next one (if it happens) I kind of want to keep under wraps for awhile. Knowing me and how excitable I am, it's probably a long shot. haha. I've seen so many cute ideas telling friends/family about their pregnancy and finding out the sex of the baby. I want to do that the next time.

It sounds weird, but I've even mulled around being a surrogate. Of course, I've never talked it over with Nicko, so I don't know how he would feel and I don't know if I could even qualify as one.. but the idea of being pregnant often, for people who so desperately desire a child(ren), is a really neat idea. If you would have asked me this question last year I would have told you absolutely not. It's just.. I don't know. It's something I've been giving a lot of thought to.  It might even be something I would do after we were finished growing our family.
This is all a huge, massive, miniscule to happening, possiblilty. Just more of an intriguing thought at this time.
It also makes me wonder what that bond would be like and how hard it would be to give the baby away, even going into it knowing it's not "yours", how would it affect Nicko and Vann (or our other kids if that's how we decide to do it)??  Lots of things to really think over for myself and the others that it would impact. Not to mention the kids I teach, how would I explain that the baby I have isn't mine?
.. like I said, all hypothetical.  The longer I think about it the more questions arise.

I didn't mean to go on a whole spew there but..  once I started going it was hard to stop. :)

That's really all that's going on right now. Last night we took Nicko's grandparents out to eat. They are a funny couple. The absolute epitome of night and day but it works for them. I enjoyed their company and I know Nicko was happy to be out with them. He loves them (especially his grandfather) dearly and I think he feels like time is slipping away. There's a new look to his grandfather lately- a very sickly one- and it seems like he's wanting to get as much time in as he can. Not that I blame him, it's going to be incredibly sad when he passes. He is honestly one very cool fella. (and the man can charm the pants off a nun!)
We even had a conversation last night with them about aliens. I'm always surprised by who believes in certain things. To hear that they BOTH believe aliens exist and have very open conversations about it last night was interesting and a little comical. Not what they believe is comical, but just that old people were talking about spaceships and the like was a little funny. Their ideals on it were very interesting though. Ol' Pawpaw even swears he had an encounter in New Orleans. I don't discount him at all. He's a pretty straight laced guy and I don't think he would just come off the top with some story..

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