Saturday, August 27, 2011

snotty Saturday.

I feel like crap this morning. I can't breathe out of either nostril and my head is so full of snot it hurts. Once I got up and out of bed I went to inspect the house to find the boys (because I ended up sleeping alone) to find the house...a casuality of war I guess is a good way to put it. Tuesday I had this place lookin' good!! ugh.
 I then proceed to check my email to find a response from the Lawyer- SHOCKING. In it he says he's gotten my email wrong time after time which is hard for me to believe since I have written mine AND nicko's in every email I have sent the dick. Amazingly Nicko never recieved an email from him and in even more obscurity he gets mine wrong for MONTHS now? I just look stupid buddy.
He 'ever so kindly' attached the ones that bounced back to him and then, so graciously, attached a document that I can not read. He's frustrating. Just give me my money so I can cut and run.
Guess he got the note from the BBB. :)  I'm a listtle disappointed it took over a week but it beats the months and months of no communication from him. I'll take it.

I fell off the no-sugar-wagon last weekend and it's been hard getting back on the Splenda-train. I can already see where the sugar has impacted my hips. :(  Cutting it out was actually doing me a lot of good ,now I have to start all over. That really sucks. 
I've decided that my ultimate goal is to lose 105 pounds. If I can reach 85 and plateau I'm ok with that. Both of those weights would be healthy and appealing. That's where my sights are. I just hope I can stick with it and start shedding some of this 'grossness'.. because, ew. if I don't find myself attractive, I sure as heck don't know how (and if) other people do. bleh.
I hope to start those 'shots' Monday. I should have gone yesterday but I was too excited about getting my hair done.. Speaking of hair, the new cut turned out ok.  The front bangs didn't end up working because I have too much of a 'part' gap. I've apparently trained my hair to flip to the left and it refuses to do otherwise. Funny, my hair never cooperates for me, so I would have never assumed it was 'trained' in any capacity. 
I am much happier now that I have a chemical straightner on. I hope it lasts. The very first one I ever had done was fantastic because it always looked great and I only had to wash it and brush it.  That is my kind of maitanance. :)
here's the before. a straight up frazzled mess..
....and the after. I need to try to get a better picture of it. Like I said, ok. I just don't particulary care for the giant spot of 5-head that your eyes immediately focus on.  I wish we would have done something to kind of fill it in. Oh well. Next week I'll probably get the dye job. We couldn't do it today because the chemical straightner would have stripped the color. I'm still highly considering going red. We'll see what the week holds.  I may ned up having her chop some more off or doing something with the front. Who knows. I'm always so wishy-washy.

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