Thursday, August 18, 2011

picture day fun..for mommy atleast.

Heather- I loved Brennen's birthday pictures. I think they turned out so well..and I was inspired by yours and we're having a pre-bday pirate picture day.  (we are 3 months & 2 days shy of his party, but there's no such thing as "too early". )

I love this picture. Something about the baby toes against the green grass.. I don't know. It's special to me for some reason. :D

Me & my pirate...

Cap'n Vann sailing away.

He has a new interest in 'couting' his fingers. If you count out loud he will hold his fingers out and touch them. So cute.

I have to edit this one- I have a great idea in mind!
(think tentacles!)

It's not a booger-promise. He fell face-first into the grass and this was some that stuck. I had to get a picture before I cleaned him up.

This kid loves being naked. Weirdo.

Daddy looks crazy. :)

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heather said...

aww thanks dana.
we take them every year and again around halloween in his costume at a pumpkin patch...

these of vann are sooo cute.. i love his pirate outfit..