Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've totally forgotten a few things that have happened to our family this week. Little bits of information that may or may not be interesting to you.

Last Thursday I hit (another) turkey. I swear to you these creatures have it out for me. The last time I hit one was when I was pregnant with Vann and it scared the living hell out of me. Probably because it richocheted off another car and then kind of hit/flew/rolled onto the hood of my car and then bounced off never to be seen again.  Last Thursday, the turkey just kind of pranced in front of me. I NEVER saw it coming until it was right in front of me. Thankfully I barely tapped it but I freaked out. (of course) The wreck has really messed with my head. Anytime soemthing gets too close or I have to have a quick reaction I panic.  I called Nicko crying and though he's relatively supported I know he thinks I'm being ridiculous.
I truly can not help it. He told me the other day that I have some deep-rooted issues with the whole wreck thing. Well yeah, duh that much is obvious to me. Do I want to hear it?? Well, not really. 
 I've mulled around talking to "someone" about it but.. I don't have a lot of faith it will work. Just because I am good at saying what people want to hear and I will analyze everything they say and eventually just quit listening. Plus, I don't have that kind of $$ to throw around.

Weird craving alerts:
Ice, ice and more ice please. Especially the small crushed ice. Omgluvzit.
Spinch leaves (raw) which I have NEVER wanted on anything. I've never been a spinich person, it used to make me gag. I still refuse to eat it cooked though. THe smell, texture, everything just makes me insta-vomit. I can feel my stomach churrning at the thought of it.. ugh. moving on.
peanuts- any kind just as long as I have something to chew.

Nicko had an unofficial job interview yesterday at that clean up place. (I forget what it's REALLY called. oh well.) He won't divulge a lot of information other than it was "ok" and they "talked".  Supposdly they are only looking for part time now (which will NOT work) and there's no news on if they are considering him for hire. It's truly frustrating for him to be pulled around like that. It makes me frustrated because he's so particular that he's not really trying to look for anything else. I know job searching sucks but sometimes you have to do something you don't  like until your #1 opens up. He doesn't hear me when I say that.
He's decided, unofficially of course, that if the clean up job doesn't work he'll stay where he's at and end up doing the volunteer fire fighter thing until he can get hired on. In theory, that's a wonderful idea. In reality...well, that one will just have to play it's course.
and that's really all the news that I have. Funny, I thought going into this post there would be far more to talk about.
I always surprise myself- which I guess is ok. :)


heather said...

the wreck issue makes since. you were hit with your whole family in the car, vann was such a tiny baby when that happened and im sure it freaked you out thinking something happened to him or something might have been wrong and no one would know. then it messed up your arm and it stole precious time away from you and vann. what your going through is normal. that wreck could have changed yalls life forever. luckily it was a few broken bones and a messed up truck and everyone is alive. But the what ifs' and then the flash back are hard.. Im sorry, hope it all gets better with time.

dana said...

It has really left an emotional mark on me. I know I need to get over it but omg- I can't imagine what I look like to other people. :/ Hopefully in time the panic/anxiety of things will pass. It's so freakin' intense sometimes.

anyway, thanks Heather. I really appreciate it. :)