Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scared for a good reason.

This week has been pretty full of  'fear'.

I worried myself sick about meet-the-teacher night on Thursday. It went pretty smooth, amazingly, except for a few small 'blunders'. I now have 20, yes TWENTY children in my class. My largest day will consist of 17 kids being there, however that's a big number...and 20 all honesty, terrifying. (There is the possiblity that I may have all the kids show up randomly during the week- and party days.) So far I have two kids that are 'nearly' potty trained and ALL of the parents said they have not put them in pull-ups..they are still rocking diapers and very few showed any interest in switching...
I also have two children that have frequent seizures. I was aware of one, and have been told not to worry-they are under control and blah blah by our administration. Well, meeting with the parents turned out quite a few different stories. The child has two different types of seizures, has a habit of throwing himself down and banging his head on whatever is closest (wall, floor, table, chair, toys, etc.)  and has about 25% of motor skills. I'm not saying anything bad about the child, he's as cute as the day is long and his parents really seem cool, I'm just worried.
That's a lot to be responsible for, especially with 16(give or take each day) other children in the classroom. There's another child who has seizures too due to a kidney disease (I forget what her mother said it was called.) anyway, there's a problem with her kidneys that makes her body have a fever. THe fever can sky-rocket in a matter of minutes which can then cause her body to go into seizures. She said there is really no fore-shadowing on it you just have to continuously touch her and keep an eye on her.
 With everything we have going on in the room- potty training, centers, activities and more, I'm trying to work out in my brain all these additional  measures that are going to have to be taken in on a daily basis...and then there's my co-worker...
The school year has yet to officialy begin and my stress level is already pretty damn high. I hope things find a decent medium with a quickness.  Just thinking about it and attempting to come up with some sort of game-plan is making my brain retreat! There were other things too that parents told me that have temporarily slipped my mind. I'm just so nervous about all the things that COULD go wrong. and I don't know if I'm emotionally capable of handling this.
 I already bring 'work' home with me, but I know if something happens, it's definately going to come home with me and be heavy on my shoulders.
I just have a lot to work out- especially making myself emotionally strong for the children, all the chlidren, in our class. and paitience.. I really need improvement in that area.

In other news, Nicko's cousin got married last night. It was a gorgeous ceremony outside (and HOT!). It was Vann's first wedding to attend, and though he had to be walked around while the ceremony commenced, he did so incrediably well at the reception. He was friendly with most everyone, danced while the music played and ran around the field with all the big kids. :)  He was beautiful to watch and was a real hit with all the old ladies.. haha. One woman in her 60's asked if he had a girlfriend yet. Though I'm sure he had no idea what she was talking about he giggled at her and blew  her a kiss.
He's such a charmer. (oh,no!)  - it's a line from a KOL song. Couldn't resist.   ;)

all those grey hairs. yikes. time for a dye job.

anyway, here's a few pictures of last night. I didn't get near as many as I wanted because I was constantly having to chase his butt down.... daddy was on "alcohol patrol". 

   Vann and Emily. :)

 told you daddy was on alkie-patrol.

Nicko and Chase, his sister's boyfriend. Apparently they 'party boy'ed each other and I missed it.
..and lastly, today.  Having a fit because he couldn't get the cookies. :butthead:


heather said...

i totally pull my gray hairs.. i can't stand them. it is also dye time for me too..... Too bad I can't be the other teacher in the room, that would be great :)... and the child that bangs his head on everything reminds me of anna brasfield. not good...

dana said...

I quit pulling them out b/c they seemmed to double over-night.. I'm not ok with one, but I mmost certainly am not comfortable with more than that!

God, I wish you were the other teacher! I would love it and I know you would love the center.

The little boy that bangs his head has some serious issues he's trying to over-come. He had a brain tumore at 11 weeks old and has some effects b/c of it. (the seizures, lack of motor development, etc) He's so dang cute and his parents seem amazingly sweet.. I'm just concerned...really concerned about all of the 'what if's'. and I hope that him being in school really helps him- even in a small way.
so many scenario's run through my head and it freaks me the hell out.

..anna that the little girl with the crazy mother that gave Sheryl and Diedra such a hard year? I never saw the girl, but if it's the one from the stories...I know exactly who you are talking about...and whew..the stories. :/

heather said...

yeah and me and melinda. i would come home with scratches and bruises from her beating us. she was crazy. and so was her mother and siblings..

I had a girl at the after school i worked at in high school that had some issues like his. it def was hard to deal with and i had 2 others with severe autism, the only way i could talk to the was in sign language and they were not potty trained at 2 grade. so i know how you feel.. i hope there aren't too many problems this year for you...