Sunday, August 7, 2011

seeing red.

It's time to get this grey-mess gone...atleast temporarily.

A dye job is needed...almost desperately. (sigh)  I feel like I'm wayyyy too young to be worrying about this. But, maybe the sooner I get started, the quicker I will fall into a 'touch up' routine.'s at best, wishful thinking.

Red is going to be the way to go. Here's a few shades I'm considering. Please feel free to leave opinions. I'm tired of this dingy brown I'm toting around and not really feeling the darker shades.. blonde isn't an option for me. (I've never done it and never want to.)

They all are fairly similar, just varients in shade. they also tend to be a little more 'coppery/brassy' vs. traditional red but I like them. I think they are truly beautiful but I'm not quite IN LOVE with any of the colors. I want something with a little more high & low-lights throughout, which I'm sure can be achieved in the actual process vs. trying to find it online.

Nicko is freaking out because he's in NO WAY a fan of 'gingers'... but, in the end, he'll have to get over it. Or pay for a new color. haha.


heather said...

what about emma stones red??? i love it. its a dark red so it wouldn't be a huge jump from the color you have now.. maybe he would like that better...

dana said...

I do like it but it looks a little darkker than what I want. (I had not known she went red)I'll look around some more and see if I can find soemthing. I kind of like Kristen stewart's red

i'm sure i'll find that one color eventually.. but thanks for showing me Emma's!!