Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tremendous Tuesday.

Today has been exceptionally wonderful.
Yes, wonderful.

I didn't go into the school year with high hopes. Actually, I didn't have any hopes. I was just trying to mentally prepare myself to make it through each day.
Today was a pleasant surprise. My class actually ended up being AWESOME. they were able to clean centers with little help after being asked two times (which is like a gold medal in a preschool two year old setting), were able to sit at the table for lunch and eat most of it, cleaned up their own messes (garbage, activity leftovers, etc) and a ton of other things.
Of course, we have a vast majority in DIAPERS (ugh) and I'm not a fan of potty-training at all, but I can handle that.
Tomorrow we have a few new friends coming in (our daycare allows parents to pick-n-chose between 2,3,4 and 5 days a week) and I'm hopeful that it will be as smooth, if not smoother, than next week. :)

In other happy news I finally have a hair color and style picked out.
I knew, eventaully I would find what I wanted. That appears to have it all.
When I'll actually get this done depends on the cash flow. I HOPE this weekend but being a little more realistic, it may not be for another week or two, which I'm alright with. It will actually give me a little more time to search around-which might actually be a bad idea.
Wonder if I can gather up the funds to do it tomorrow?! hah.

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