Monday, August 8, 2011

school bells ring, kids are screaming...

(the title should be sung to the tune of 'sleigh bells ring, are you listenin?')
It just kind of came to me and is more or less true of things to come tomorrow.
  I'm worried and I've really been unable to find something to lead my brain in another way of thinking. Guess we'll just see what the day has in store. It can only go one of two ways, right?!

I'm sad that I won't be home with Vann all day anymore. The summer passed us by far too quickly and I didn't get to do quite as many things with him and I intended to. Oh well, lesson learned for next year. (cram as much as you can into two very short months.) I'll miss the sleep too.
I do feel like I made some learning advances with him though, and that's a plus. I just hope I'm not mentally wiped out when I get home and I make myself ENJOY working with him each evening.
..I still wish he was going to school a few days a week. Unfortuantely the hubs doesn't agree for this year. :(
We will always agree to disagree I guess.

In other, completley unrelated news: McDonald's pineapple mango smoothie is the shizzzznit for reallyo.
the urban slang means it is seriously that more ways than one.

and the best advice I have even given was done tonight. Prepare yourself for a real eye-opener people. Here it is:
"limit your temptations... that's the best advice i can give....other than 'wrap your lizard'. haha. but that's a whole different subject."
and that is taken directly from a conversation I had with someone earlier who was ASKING for my advice.
That's a real wisdom pearl. Take it, apply it and appreciate it.
I don't spew radical truth like that often. :)

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