Sunday, September 25, 2011

finding that flow of perfection.

There is so much I feel is worth talking about.. until I sit down to actually type it out.  Then it's a game of "what was I going to say?" and "eh.. I don't think I need to say that"...

Today has been such a wonderful day. I slept until 8 am- which is a big feat for me. Lately I've been up at the butt-crack of dawn. The day has been spent in a mostly lazy kind of way. A few loads of laundry have been washed and dried then thrown on my bed, waiting for me to get the energy to fold and hang them.. which may or may not happen in awhile.  I've got dinner preperations set out but have yet to get started. (the fact I actually have dinner pre-planned is a major plus!) I've been trying to work on lesson plans today but I'm just not feeling it.  I'm so very thankful that co-teacher and I agreed to split lesson plans this year. (whew: it's a lot of sweat off my back) I've only got 2 months left of things to plan (Feb & April) but I'm really struggling to finish them. I only completed the first week in Feb. today and that took about.. 4 hours to get done. Granted I'd work on them for 20 minutes, play with Vann, come back for 30, do a few chores..... It was interrupted work, which is fine. Maybe I'll be a little more interested later this week. (I said 'maybe')

I did order Vann's halloween costume. FINALLY. It's nothing spectacular but I know he will be cute in it. 

It's simple but for only $20...well, I can't go wrong.  I may try to find a patch of  moishe to add on the front somewhere or cut out a heart and write "there's a wild thing in all of us" and sew it on. I'm not sure. There's a good possibility I may not even do anything to it. All depends on time & how I feel..

In other news last night Nicko and I were messing around with the computer together. (fun, right?!) He was going through my music library and commenting on just about everything. Haha. Our selections are pretty different. Of course I had a few real 'surprises' in there but I think he enjoyed poking at me. There were quite a few 'curve balls' in there and I could just see him trying his hardest to figure out why THAT song was in there. For example, I'm not a big country fan.  Some stuff I can tolerate and there are a few songs/artists that I do enjoy.  George Straight is one of those. I can not figure out why, but he's just always appealed to me.  And he's like super-hick.  haha. I can't explain it and I quit trying to. It's just one of those many quirks that make up 'me'. He gave me some crap too for liking Britney Spears but hey.. I like her jams. Don't particulary care for her but her songs are put together nicely.

Anyway, the whole reason I went on that spill was because, randomly, what does he pull up? Baby name pages. :) (and, no, I'm still not. ugh.) Nicko (pronounced "Ne-ko) is absolutley a first name. I'm still not really wanting to keep the same spelling for both of them but he brought up a good point that I'm not going to argue with. He says his whole life people have pronounced his name (ne-ko) instead of  nick-o. He wants to see what will happen if her name is intended to be pronounced (ne-ko).  In all honesty, I'm a little curious too.  Now we're on the hunt for the perfect middle name. He likes Cheyanne (my middle) but I'm not sold on it.  NCS aren't pretty initials for a girl.  Tatum (I love) is out of the picture compeltly. :(  He is absolutely set in stone that it's a NO for any part of the name. :(   He did say "stella" is alright (and a few other favorites) so I can be somewhat happy about that.  We've editied our list about 25 times but nothing seems to have that right flow yet. Here's a run down:
Ava, Jude, Rebekah, Brynna, Ivy, Danielle, Bre, Kari (pronounced Car-e), Stella, Molly & Vivienne. I really like Harlow & Burke but he's crossed them off too. :/ Go figure.

All this hard work of picking the PERFECT name better work out. I need everything to cooperate and produce a sweet little girl.  If a boy happens to come along, well that's all fine and good, we've got a bazillion names for one of those, but a little girl comes next. more boys later. (Please?!)
Onto boys I'll give a run down of those names too. Honestly, I think we've got quite a few awesome ones picked out (though not all of them are paired up yet. I've matched a few that have quite a nice, strong, manly flow :D ).
Brady (love!), Rion, Max, Jonah, Zeke, Jonas, Spencer, Jakob, Moses (love!), Wyatt (Love!), Atticus, Warren (love!), Nash(love!), Cole, Rivers (love!), Colt, Caleb, Archer (love), Cash, Jett, Cooper, Lennon (love!) & Barrett.

Vann is being awfuly quiet. That's either very good or..not so good. I'm off to check on them then shower. I think we should hit the hay early- especially since I have no idea when Nicko will be home. (work. lame.)
Oh, and here's Vann now. Coming to see what I am doing and to inform me that "fish" are on t.v. (Finding Nemo on disney.) He's tugging at my pants which means he wants me to join him.

so, happy Sunday evening.  and enjoy these chilly night. :)

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