Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nutty goodness.

It is FREEZING in my house this morning. I stepped outside to see if it was just a crisp morning and whatdaya know.. fall seems to have made her appearnace.(my thermostat was set on 72 degrees though. I was burning up last night. even slept with an ice pack.) I just hope we stick with comfortable lows vs. hypothermic temperatures in the next month or so.  I'm not quite ready for snow/ice/layers of clothing.  My ideal outift consists of jeans, shirt, light jacket and flip-flops and I'd appreciate the weather to comply.  :)

                                             Love this boy. :D

                                   Would like to thank PInterest for the wonderful idea. :)

                                               I'm so thankful for Target and their adorablely affordable clothing. :)
                                       I went with the intentions on getting him the pirate pup shirt. I got really sad at first because all they had was 3/4/5T but tucked away in one of the stacks I happened to find his size.  ..and all was well.
                           He saw Mickey Mouse and would not quit talking about it. So, we opted for a Halloween/PIrate one.
                                    and a pirate/skull jacket from Paul Frank. I am so freaking stoked about this jacket. I would rock it if it came in big-mama sizes.
 I can't wait for Vann's pirate party in less than 2 months. (I've got to get crackin!) One of the ladies I work with said her husband has 'authentic' pirate garb and does parties.  She said she will ask him to see if he's available that day to come and hang out with the kids/read a story/ etc. Of course I told Nicko and he's less than excited. He think it will be cheesy since everyone will be dressed up anyway. I disagree, I think it will be fantastic and really add to the party. Eh, we'll see. Another friend had a wonderful idea for a treasure hunt (everyone gets a loot bag and goes hunting: once the chest is found they get one scoop and that's their goody bag) but I don't quite know if the kids will be able to do it since they are all fairly young. :(  Something to think about anyway. I may have to modify it so we have 'stations'  where they can pick up an item (pirate attaire, candy, etc.) and instead of reaching treasure, we get to play pirate style: walk the plank, sword fight & stuff. Who knows... Things to think about..

 He got  the peanut butter jar off the counter and got the spoon out of the silverware drawer. He also opened the jar and helped himself.
jHe also got the bbq sauce out of the fridge, opened it and had it almost to his mouth before I grabbed it away. That was not a mess I felt like dealing with.. plus, he was trying to drink it and that's just nasty. Even for the southern' folk, too much.

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heather said...

i love that we have the same taste...

brennen has that pirate puppy shirt and the mickey halloween.

i was also making that picture frame

just incase you didn't notice in the 1$ bin in target they have pirate vest and small bags with ear ring, eye patch and so on.. those would make great goodie bags. also the $ store has so great pirate things too. like a bunch of swords..