Saturday, October 8, 2011

creature features.

I wish I would have woken up earlier today to hit the gazillion of yard sales that were going on. Oh well. Vann and I decided since everyone was out doing the yard sale things we'd hit up a few of our favorite stores, including the thrfit store. It apparently was a good idea because we found things we've been searching for and there wasn't the usual 10-million people out and about- which is always nice.
I was able to get all the things needed for the center pieces at his birthday next month. (yay!) I was also able to pick up a few other birthday things like a super cute fabric pirate banner, the rest of his balloons and a few more hats. I've decided to go cheap on his birthday this year but I'm thinking it will all pull together nicely. I've got all my food decided and am skipping out on a cake. He's still little and lots of people aren't too crazy for the taste of fondant (which I love because it makes such gorgeous cakes) so I've opted to get him an over-sized cupcake like we did last year and will serve skull-n-crossbone cookies & red/white striped cake pops as treats to everyone. The food will be simple and everyone will have thier choice of root-beer or cream-soda as drinks. :)  I don't want to give everything away yet... that'll have to wait another month or so. :sigh:

I'm so excited about this weekend. We get Monday off (fall break) which is so exciting and well deserved. haha. I've set up an appointment to have some more pictures of VAnn done on Monday. I'm not sure what exactly we'll be doing. I'm going to try to get some done in his costume, some Roll-Tide ones done (for Christmas for the grand-parents as they are huge fans) and maybe something special for Nicko's Christmas gift and/or some more Pirate pictrures. I dunno. Of course, it all depends on Vann and how well he'll cooperate.

In other news I have finally picked out a girls name. Nicko of course doesn't agree (what's new) but I'm set. Since Tatum is out of the picture and I'm agreeing with his choice for the first name the middle should be my decision. it is....
Nicko Vada.
(Vada- from the movie "My girl")
Love it. His family agrees that it's adorable (which is a little surprising) Plus Vada & Vann sound sooo cute together. :) Not that she may be called Vada, but still..
Watch us never have a girl..I'll be so upset!

and that's pretty much it. I'm getting my craft on tonight since Nicko has gone to the Alabama game and Vann is with ya-ya.  It's nice and quiet but a little boring. Atleast I'm able to get things done in my own time. I've already carved one pumpkin and am getting ready to paint it. I've also spray painted my tree & pot and will be creating the 'creature' baskets to hang from it here soon.
It feels good to be productive.
Then it will be time to get the activities ready for school next week. Luckily all I have to do is make a few simple things and seperate them by day.

...It's been a wonderful day. I wish every single one was as great as this day is. :)
and happy weekend to YOU!

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